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  Click the Paint Usage Calculator to estimate the amount of paint you will use for an interior or exterior painting project. We use Sherwin Williams Superpaint that only requires 1 coat. The Superpaint doesn't come in every color and is much more expensive, so be sure to allow for 2 or more coats if you are using a lower quality paint or the Superpaint is not available in your color of choice. The painting calculator provided here is estimating 1 coat so you would double that figure, if you're using a lower quality paint.

  Spray rigs are best for exterior and new home paint projects, Be sure to cover everything reasonably in range of overspray. Move your vehicles and ask your neighbors to as well if you feel they are in range of overspray. The overspray is usually dry before it hits the ground but that's not always easy to explain to your neighbor when he asked about the new paint job on his Porsche 911.