Exterior Painting

ex5 Exterior Paintingexterior-paint-job-77005-300x243 Exterior Painting

Painting your Home’s Exterior by A1 Painting of Houston
Our preparation is meticulous before any Exterior Painting Project…
We Repair & Replace Rotted Wood
Remove and Replace Defective Caulk
Pressure Clean Your Home to Remove Grime, Mold & Mildew
Carefully cover Plantlife and Shrubs
We never use plastic to cover Plantlife, We lightly drape Cloth Covers
Old Paint is Scraped
Windows, Porchs and Doors are Masked
Upon thoroughly Painting your Home’s Exterior, we  thoroughly clean.The secret to a long lasting exterior painting job is the preparation. We
pressure wash every exterior painting project, scrape and sand loose, chipping paint and prime the bare wood surfaces. Our painters caulk all of
the gaps and cracks to properly seal and prevent moisture penetration.